Contract Negotiations

At United Sports Group (USG) we focus on getting our clients the monetary rewards they deserve, and structure every deal to match our client’s best interests. From rookies to free agents, we have negotiated over $300 million worth of contracts for more than 50 National Football League clients during the past decade alone. Our professional team works to monitor all nuances in contracts to avoid any conflicts of interest and ensure our client’s financial needs are the utmost priority. With decades of legal expertise, our team provides unrivalled contract-related research, planning and straightforward negotiations, from professional compensation, endorsements, to bonuses and other services.

Image Management

Image is everything. United Sports Group (USG) works on the premise that the public will know about an athlete’s image long before they know the person. It is from this perspective that our team leverages our image management expertise to our client’s advantage. We work with professional partners to building relationships, become proactive in both traditional and creative avenues enhance an athlete’s image. We explore various opportunities including personalized media training for local and national media. Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Google has evolved into valuable tools to develop a client’s image, in addition to the traditional channels.

Training & Preparation

At United Sports Group we go a step further to make sure our clients receive the type of success that spans far beyond the playing field. Our goal is to help our clients turn short-term success into success for a lifetime. The USG team’s capabilities are specifically tailored to achieve a professional athlete’s goals and objectives. Throughout our professional relationship, United Sports Group seeks to affirm our commitment to your professional accomplishments and looks for every opportunity to make that possible for our clients.

Post Career Planning

USG's leading financial and business planners work around the clock to help our clients match their resources with long-term goals. Whether its consultation with outside consultants or step-by-step strategies to maximize returns on financial investment, our goal is to work with our clients to achieve the financial security every professional deserves. We work with professional athletes to carefully plan all economic investments to help create the security for all needs, even after the active playing years. For the past 10 years, we have built excellent business relationships with leading financial institutions and advisors, whose insight and financial expertise support sound business decisions available to all our players.