Here at United Sports Group (USG) we are committed to providing for the total needs of our clients and their families. We accomplish this by going above and beyond the role of most agents. Whether it involves seeming simple tasks like a move to a new city, reserving airline tickets for you and family members, finding the best deal on an automobile, or just being there when you need someone to talk to, our value proposition to our clients rest of paying attention to the simplest details at every turn. We’re always committed to excellence-even outside of athletics.

Our professional representation extends far beyond the traditional realm of legal and contractual negotiations. We understand the dynamics of FAMILY, thus we stress the importance of that structure. From telephone updates to parents, siblings and other involved relatives important to our clients, to actual hands-on involvement in securing living accommodations, to on-site visits to training camp, United Sports Group will always be there for you. And perhaps even just as important, we will always be there for your family.

One thing we are confident of, - that this simple down-home managerial philosophy is the cornerstone to our success. Just ask any of the players we represent.